Luciana Valle returns to Portland! June 22-28, 2016

For at least a decade now, I have organized a bi-annual visit to Portland by the incredible Luciana Valle.  Each time she comes, I am reminded of why I do this: she is an exceptional teacher.

This time, she will come in June.  The details of her visit are being worked out right now, but since so many people like to plan their tango money and time to make the most of her visit, I thought it a good idea to at least get her dates online!

If you want to reach me about it, please email at 

The Very Last Corazón de T ango

Friday Sept 30th
a 5th (Philanthropy) Friday of the month
a benefit
for the Portland Tango Community Fund!
the very last Corazón de Tango!

We (Scott Forbes and I) want it to be
special, yet affordable
fun, yet low-key
with a focus on just dancing, talking, nibbling
-- enjoying the company of friends old & new
while raising money for the Fund.

there will be NO auction, silent or otherwise, no videos, no raffles.
I (Megan) will teach the Lesson for Beginners & Reviewers from 8 - 9:00.
Scott will talk VERY VERY VERY VERY briefly about the Fund.

Most importantly,
MOMO will DJ really wonderful, irresistible tango music
from 9 - 12:30.

The food will be better than ever
the cost will be lower than ever!
Just $5 minimum (of course with an option, of course, to give more).

Please join us for
good food! good folks! good fun!
one last time at Corazón de Tango
for the Fund.
(at the Berretin, 6305 SE Foster Rd, Portland)

If you really need more info, contact

Happy September, Portland area Argentine Tango Dancers!

This is not a farewell speech. I am not leaving Portland, nor dying of anything (that I know of).
I just seem to be in a phase marked by a sustained urge to let go of what I've been doing for a long time, to make room for whatever might come next!
So ...
my much-loved house of 23 yrs is on the market,
I have retired from ~ 15 yrs of dedicated tango festival organizing,
I am retiring Corazon de Tango after enthusiasticly hosting it for ~ 10? yrs).
(I will continue to assist Alex & Bill, teach private lessons,
offer occasional mini-special workshops, and
infrequently bring a "hotshot" to town to teach.
And more frequently, I hope, go out dancing!)

This September is the last month of
Corazón de Tango.
There are 5 Fridays in the month:
the 2nd Friday, on the 9th, to be Dj'd by Rahul (from Portland's fine crop of newer Dj's!)
the 4th Friday, on the 23rd, to be Dj'd by Pamela Roman (a seasoned pro from Eugene!)
and the 5th (PHILANTHROPY) Friday, on the 30th, to be Dj'd by Momo (one of Portland's newest!)

Most of the Philanthropy Fridays have called for highlighting painful realities
-- children with cancer, homeless war vets,
survivors suffering the aftermath of earthquakes in Haiti and Japan,
and so on (and on) --
in order to move attendees to donate their hard-earned money to The Cause.

This time I want to back it up a step,
focusing on the relatively healthy ground from which philanthropy springs
-- in this case, the Portland Tango Community.
In the interest of keeping the local tango scene healthy, open and vibrant,
the super-experienced Scott Forbes is administering
The Portland Tango Community Fund
to provide financial assistance to worthy dancers,
encouraging their enthusiasm for the dance,
and supporting their fullest participation in the local tango culture.
Who knows what such a tanguero/a might contribute?
Dancing, for sure!
Djing? musical aptitudes? cinematography skills?
teaching and/or performing whiz-bang-ery?
artwork? brilliant event ideas? execution/implementation talents?
??? ??? ??????? ??? ???

On a more personal level,
I want this evening to give back to Portland tango
in thanks for all that Portland tango has given me:
a platform for causes I care about,
a training ground for my fledgling organizational impulses,
an incubator for my energies and passions,
a nest of fellow enthusiasts, playmates and workmates,
and of course, trance dances!

You'll be hearing much more about the Philanthropy Friday to benefit the Portland Tango Fund
as the time grows closer.

please stop by
one or all of the September
Corazones de Tango!

Tangazos, Megan